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Our tour shows you all of central St Petersburg in just one hour. We cruise along the city’s main river, the Neva, and along the small rivers, the Fontanka, the Moika and the Winter Canal. You’ll have the best views of the majestic palaces, famous churches and celebrated bridges, while the engaging audio guide recounts the city’s history, myths and legends.

What you’ll see from the water:

Winter palace

- the heart of St Petersburg. This magnificently decorated building was once home to Russia’s emperors, and the fate of the Russian state was decided here. Today, the gilded halls preserve the Hermitage’s priceless art collection. One of the largest and best-known museums in the world, it also occupies several neighbouring buildings on the embankment

Peter and Paul Fortress

The story of St Petersburg began in 1703 when the foundation was laid for this military stronghold. Political prisoners were kept in the dark dungeons which served the fortress until 1925. The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, famous for its gold-plated spire that soars 122.5 metres into the sky, is the final resting place of the Romanov emperors

The Summer garden

The city’s first park, created for the personal enjoyment of St Petersburg’s founder, Peter the Great. The tsar had a modest summer house here. The paths and flowerbeds were decorated with white marble statues and fountains. As early as the eighteenth century, the fountains were destroyed by one of the many floods which have occurred in St Petersburg over its thee-hundred-year history. In 2013, antique pipes were discovered beneath the earth during the restoration of the garden, and the fountains were restored according to the original plans

Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood

The most famous church in St Petersburg is this monument, built on the spot where the Emperor Alexander II was fatally wounded by a bomb in 1881. The revolutionary terrorist, who also perished in the explosion, was a member of one of the many underground groups which struggled against the authoritarian regime in the 19th century. At the time, most people considered the tsar’s death to be a national tragedy. The combination church and monument, stunningly decorated with mosaics, enamels and semi-precious stones, was completed ten years before the Revolution

Pushkin Museum

Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment, 12 Moika. Alexander Pushkin, the great poet and leading light of Russian literature, lived a short but impressive life. He died in a duel defending his wife’s honour in 1837. The last apartment rented by the poet in St Petersburg is now open as a commemorative museum

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Tours last 1 hour